Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery may not look dirty but upholstery comes into contact with more germs than anything else. In your home, everyone’s hands touch upholstery when they go to sit, everyone sits on upholstery, some people place their feet on upholstery, a lot of people will rest their head on upholstery, dust will accumulate on upholstery. Upholstery and bedding are the two areas of the home that collect the most amount of dust mites. Dust mites cause allergy symptoms in most people. Dust mites live in upholstery and bedding because they feed on dead skin cells that humans naturally shed. The average human sheds 1 gram of skin cells per day. That is equivalent to the size of a dollar bill. Calculate the amount of people in your home and the amount of time they spend on the upholstery and you will understand why you should have your upholstery cleaned.


Food and drinks have a better chance of falling on the upholstery before it hits the floor. On your booths everyone slides their hand on it as they slide in. When servers wipe down empty tables they often use one hand to brace themselves on the booth as they lean over to wipe the far side of the table. Hands naturally have oils and employees usually have some grease on their hands because of the food they work with. Over time this grease will build up on upholstery. Not only will it look unattractive for guests to sit on but it will also carry an unpleasant odor. No one wants to sit on a dirty seat to eat a meal.