Pressure Washing


Pressure washing sounds simple. But, water under high pressure is very powerful and can cause significant property damage and injury to people. Being properly trained, gaining knowledge, and having the proper equipment is very important. You don’t want to clean your wooden fence the same way you clean your driveway. The pressure you clean your driveway with would damage your fence and the wand you would use on your fence would take forever to try and clean your driveway with.

Storms Carpet Care has invested in state of the art pressure washing equipment that can operate at different pressure settings and different temperatures so we can meet the demands of all the different jobs to ensure we provide the correct cleaning. Our selection of wands allows us to clean your wooden fence then switch wands to clean your driveway effectively and efficiently.

Don’t waste your time going to the store and spending hundreds of dollars buying inferior equipment. Save time, money, and eliminate headaches by using Storms pressure washing to handle your exterior washing needs.


Not only do you have the same dirt and mildew buildup as residential, but, you also have gum and grease buildup. Water pressure and detergents alone will not melt away these items. You need to have heat. Our machines have heaters in them that can heat the water and still maintain the high pressure needed for cleaning. This will help melt away the grease and gum in an efficient manner leaving your walkways looking presentable to customers and guests.

Don’t take our word for it! Let us prove ourselves! Call for a free demo and quote!