Carpet Cleaning

Why We Provide Free Estimates and Why They Are Important

Storms Carpet Care provides free estimates. This is very important so you will know what to expect when Storms Carpet Care arrives for the cleaning. Everyone has been caught in a bait and switch. This is an ugly technique that is quite common in our industry. You respond to a coupon or promotion that offers a great price for carpet cleaning. You take the day out of work and prep your house for the cleaning. The tech arrives and immediately starts telling you that spotter is extra, moving that coffee table is extra, your living room counts as two rooms, etc..

Now you have three choices, pay extra to get the cleaning you expect, keep the price you were quoted and be disappointed with the cleaning, or tell the tech to leave, then you have to take another day off and prep your house again. All of these options leave you unhappy and unlikely to use that company again and certainly you would not recommend that company to your friends and family.

Storms Carpet Care strives for repeat customers and referrals. By providing free estimates they are able to properly price out each job based on your wants so that on the day of the cleaning you are provided with the service expected at the price agreed upon. We understand letting someone into your home or business is personal and requires trust. By spending this extra time in the beginning we feel we can build that trust that will last for years to come.

Why we provide Free Demonstrations for Commercial Accounts

You have never heard a carpet cleaner say they aren’t the best. Unfortunately, in our industry, everyone tries to charge less to get a foot in the door. To do this and survive financially they have to cut corners in certain areas. The biggest expense in carpet cleaning is the machine and truck. Carpet cleaning equipment can vary from a few thousand dollars to machines like ours that cost in excess of $100,000. With that much of a price difference there is certainly a difference in the capabilities of the machines. As a consumer, you are not expected to understand the equipment inside our vehicles however, you want to see the difference in the results. Rather than telling you we are the best with the best equipment, let us prove it. We will save time by not throwing you a sales line and you will get the cleaning you expect.