We have been Cleaning carpets since the 70’sand have Cleaned Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout Cleaning in more than 750,000 Apartments & Homes!!

Extensive knowledge and state of the art equipment makes Storms Carpet Care the right choice for all your carpet, upholstery and tile needs.

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Since the 70’s

Flooring is one of the most expensive decorative items in your home or business

It can cost tens of thousands of dollars and is one of the most noticeable sights in your home or business to guests. Proper maintenance is critical to maximize the life expectancy and appearance of your floors. While maintenance is important,improper cleanings can be worse than no cleaning care at all. Lack of knowledge may cause a cleaner to use chemicals incorrectly that may damage dyes and fibers. Having inferior equipment means the carpet cleaning tech is forced to use low water pressure because the vacuum is not strong enough to extract the water. Not having enough water pressure leaves dirt and sand behind causing wear to the carpet. Not having enough vacuum will leave the carpet too wet, causing bacteria to grow.Finding someone with experience and the right equipment is critical.

- Ownership with over 50 years of experience!

- The largest truck mounted machines in the industry!

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